Sunday, 1 February 2015

Fine Lace Pure Mulberry Silk?

Good Afternoon :)

I am thinking about dyeing some fine lace yarns from pure Mulberry Silk...I don't use fine lace very much unless it's for a luxury shawl. Very fine yarn, but a real luxury for any woman.

Trying to think about which colors will bring out the best of this wonderful fiber...I love silk, but prefer to knit it mixed with some wool. Fine lace is a bit tricky to knit, maybe it's better for crochet?
All I know is that my last fine lace knitted purple shawl was just gorgeous! Don't have a picture of it but it is a pattern from Boo Knits (gorgeous shawls patterns!) you can see her patterns here:

The Shawl is named "Morticia", pattern on ravelry here:

My silk yarns are skeins of 50gr and 500 meters each. Will trye to make the best of it :)

Have a nice Sunday :)

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