Saturday, 14 February 2015


Use coupon: VALENTINE10
Valid in ALL my Etsy shop even Clearance Wools (Discontinued extrafine australian merino wool, price already above it's value...) But they are almost all gone! The survivor is "Teal", left alone poor thing :( (on photo) on:


For direct selling, on my FB page or my email, see my website and click "About", "Contact me": and you will find my email and FB page.
But until TONIGHT, for direct selling. you will have a 15% total discount! (GMT+5 to be fair with Etsy promo)

At the end of the promo, the usual 5% off on direct selling or more depending the number of skeins. Direct selling is made by secure payment Paypal Bill I send to you.
My website:
 (photos linked to my etsy shop)

But there is something new on my website. I notice that lot of knitters only need or can buy 2 skeins of fingering but if you don't reach the 110€ the shipping gets high.
So I create a "Buy Now" button for packs of 2 equal skeins (when available) for lower prices and shipping rate as of 1 skein in Etsy.

I'm thinking on making some mix packs, but it's something to do in a VERY organized way. Il trye to figure out if it's possible.

Hand dyeing is not like balls of wools in the shops, it's unique, made in small batches, have to think carefully what is good for the clients and avoid problems for me.

Giving the BEST care to my clients is n.º 2º half priority. The first half priority is making sure you get your yarns fast and very well protected and feel you have what you asked for!
Or totally refund!

Have a great weekend full of love :)

Here is the "abandoned" discontinued yarn "Teal"... will spend Valentine alone, it's pair is already prepared to go to Sweden first thing monday morning.

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