Thursday, 19 February 2015

New 70% Baby Alpaca/ 30% Mulberry Silk coming soon...and Homesickness

Just finished to Dye two skeins of alpaca/silk totally by intuition...

Have no idea what will be the result and did the same to two discontinued australian merino superfine yarn I found undyed in my stock...
Lets see how it looks tomorrow or in 2 days (fog have been our  best friend these days :(
The experience involved at least 6 basic colors :) It will be a multicolored yarns but not a rainbow thing.
And I was very happy today to know my client in France loved the oxblood Silk lace skeins.
Always nice to see someone admiring your work and share it, something that is not a very great part of the culture in the country I live...for now! Worst. Felt for the first time in my life gender discrimination written in black and white!!!
You can break your ass working here and nobody cares, so different from Montreal..
And I'm so so so homesick right now...
And looking forward to knit like this again, but my brain is not ready. I'm even become dyslexic when I write any line and in any language...

Pure silk shawl "Morticia" pattern from boo knits in Ravelry find here:
100% pure Mulberry Silk Lace and beads :) Pure luxury :)

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