Friday, 30 January 2015

My Yarn Stash is Growing too much...and waiting for some inspiration...

Good Morning :)
Going to knit some more rows of my shawl and another old project I left for months...
My yarn stash is growing too much and no sales this month...January seams to be a bad month for yarn sales.
Also waiting for a "special" inspiration to dye some baby alpaca/silk yarn :)

This pile is probably 10% of my stash LoL :D


  1. I hope your sales pick up soon. I went through 4 months of a dry spell, but I know it was partly because we were going through health problems at our house and I wasn't promoting like I should. Oh, well, life goes on.

  2. Me too, most be the "after X-Mas" syndrome, money was all spent :) Hope everything is well in you're house now, for me is the opposite, I have more time because I'm home for medical reasons + have to cope with my EDS...Yarn is my therapy and my passion or I would become nuts after so much time unable to work...
    Following your blog now, pretty and cool :)